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Darren, owner/operator and principal photographer for Brown Studio, has been a media professional for nearly 2 decades. Photography is a natural extension of his creativity.

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Darren & Mikiko – Brown studio Kelowna Wedding Photography Videography

Brown studio is passionate wedding photography and videography studio located in Kelowna. We believe in proving you a relaxed, professional and fun atmosphere for your photography needs.

Darren Brown –  (Photographer & Videographer)

Darren is both owner and operator of Brown Studio. He is a dedicated arts & media professional offering services to the industry for more than 2 decades.

Photography came into his life in a natural process of his artistic expression. His perfection in the art of photography made him a reputed name in the industry of wedding photography. He is a fun loving person and besides photography he loves camping and fishing.

He is a Nationally Accredited as a Wedding Environmental photography.


Mikiko Brown (Artistic Director and Second Shooter):

Mikiko has a natural talent to work with people of various ages. Her skill as an organizer is outstanding. The creative skill of Mikiko complements the team work of Brown Studio. For her the family and wedding photography is an art in which she is passionate about. Besides photography she loves hosting parties, mingling with friends and going for adventures with her husband.